KELPIE: A Mythical Water Horse

KELPIE was a mythical Celtic water horse that roamed the beautiful coves and shorelines of Ireland and Scotland. These mysterious horses were known to chase children away from dangers on the rugged coastline.


Kelpies are abundant in Celtic art and literature and most recently have been reborn in two hundred-foot tall steel sculptures in the United Kingdom.


I am intrigued and delighted by the Kelpie mythology. Kelp has always been a staple in Ireland and Korea. Since I am Korean American and my husband is Irish American, we thought that Kelpie was a perfect blend of both cultures.


Kelpie chips, like the sea vegetable they are born from, are packed with nutrients that your body craves boosting your immune system and warding off disease. As Ben Franklin might have said, “Some Kelpie chips each day keeps the doctor away.” Or as we like to say “Kelp yourself”.