Kelpie Chips Story

After years in the corporate grind, I became a full time Mommy raising my two daughters and managing our family’s household. Several years ago, I was feeling particularly exhausted, and I asked my mother if she had a remedy for me. Being a traditional Korean mother, she reflexively sent me some kelp seaweed and told me to make a soup with it. Growing up in Korea, we ate a lot of seaweed – and seaweed soup when we were ill. It was the Korean mothers’ version of chicken soup.


Having to make the special soup from the kelp was just one more thing for me to do, and of course I just never got around to preparing it. My mother kept asking me if I was making the soup, and I kept saying, “OK mom, soon”. When she realized that I was not going to make the soup for myself, she made me a “ready-to-eat” seaweed snack of kelp chips and mailed it across the country to me in Arizona. When I opened the package that my Mom sent, I felt like a kid on Christmas day. I started devouring them, savoring the taste, and enjoying every last bite of the kelp snack. After eating the precious kelp, I felt energized and renewed. I shared the next batch that my mom sent with my kids. Guess what?! My kids loved the chips too! Kids loving healthy snacks – Wow! I had to make these snacks at my home so that we could enjoy them all the time. Pretty soon, crunchy, munchy KELPIE chips in tasty flavors became a staple in our kitchen. When my girls headed off to college and I had some time to myself, I knew that I had to make this delicious, nutritious snack food available to everyone. And that’s how KELPIE CHIPS were born.